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This blog is fed by Virginie Galindo. I am working as leader of communication on tech innovation in gemalto CTO, a digital security company. Curious about techno, people, and anything which relates to human creativity I am sharing personal thoughts here (please note that the content is note my employer’s view). You can contact me sending nice messages to contact @ poulpita dot com

If you “duckduckgo” or “Qwant” me, you may find my name associated with W3C, as an elected W3C Advisory Board, but also nominated chair of W3C Web Security Interest group and (now closed) Web Crypto Working Group. In addition, I am also involved in Girl & Tech, promoting women entreneurs in tech, and contributing to entrepreneurs networking in south of France with #LittleFrenchTech.

You can follow my professional activities under LinkedIn, or follow my tweet feed under @poulpita or look at my french literature production under WeLoveWords. I am shooting life on poulpita_off and drawing stuff also my Tumblr . In addition I am a regular speaker and writer on standard, security, technology.


Some of my publications and talks can be found below.

Year 2016

La vie privée, c’est l’affaire de tous, et surtout la vôtre (BlendWebMix, Décember 2016) – view

Blockchain for all (May 2015) a very simple presentation on blockchain principles in french during the #shake16 event – view

Year 2015

Quoi de neuf sous le ciel des internets (October 2015) State of the art of security in general with a focus on W3C activities – view

Securité et Standard for Cap Digital (May 2015) A sumup of gemalto standard strategy, reasons for joining W3C and recent trends in standardization area. – read.

Who is taking care of the web security (April 2015) A short presentation of W3C security and privacy efforts, made during the Toulon dev var meetup – read W3C_security_roadmap_dev_var.

Introduction au paiement par carte bancaire (January 2015) A state of the art of payment standard in MISC Magazine (Multi-System Internet Security Cookbook)

Year 2014

Secure enablers, trends (Sept 2014) A recap of threats and opprtunities or secure enablers in the mobile environment, given during a thematic school organized by french CNRS and CNAM – read

W3C Security, a snapshot of security (July 2014) A presentation about recent W3C related security activities, during the 15th Libre Software Meeting in Montpellier – read

Year 2013

Security Affair in A List Apart (July 2013) A column explaining how my company joined W3C and entered the security conversation with the Web Crypto WG – read

Wanna secure your webapps ? (June 2013) A presentation about W3C Web Crypto WG activities presented during W3C Tokyo MeetuUp – read or watch

“BYOD, l’épine dans le pied de la DSI, mais pas que” (March 2013) A paper about the impact of BYOD in organisation, from HR to IT in MISC #66 (March/April 2013). Available here.

Year 2012

The web will be secure or will not be (October 2012) A presentation about W3C Web Crypto WG activities presented during ParisWeb 2012 – read or watch [fr].

Security of Mobile Devices, Applications and Transactions (June 2012) A white paper exposing the state of the art of the standardization in mobile for enabling security, endorsed by EuroSmart- read

Security in Mobile Web App (May 2012) A presentation sharing a view on how to bring security in the web, held during Mosquito workshop – read

Consumer Centric Model (February 2012) A GlobalPlatform white paper proposing a new business model to deploy security token, switching from a token issuer centric model to a consumer centric model. – read

Before …

Secure Mobile Applications: from design to deployment (Sept 2011) A presentation offering a summary of the needed technology to reach security in mobiles, held during Chip To Cloud Security Forum conference – read

Trusted Execution Environment Security roadmap (February 2011) A GlobalPlatform paper positioning the Trusted Execution Environment, offering security by hardware and software in the mobile area – read

– PhD – title really too long and un-understandable (Dec 1998) A super interesting study on supraconductors elaboration and analysis. Perfect to cure severe insomnia – read

Note : content on this blog is provided under Creative Common licence BY-SA 3.0.