Tokyo experience : W3C web developers meetup

Somewhere in the last days (excuse my approximation, my time reference is in the middle of Tokyo and Marseille), I attended together with around 300 people the W3C Meetup up developer in Tokyo in GREE premises.

w3cdev_roomPicture by Sangwhan Moon sangwhanmoon

Awesome venue, great and experienced speakers, and funny masters of ceremony, all was gathered to have a wonderful event.

w3cdev_costumesPicture by Tomomi ‏@girlie_mac via @ourmaninjapan

During this first W3C meetup in Tokyo ever, the virtue of the web was exposed.

HTML5. Mike Smith, codename Michael[tm] Smith @sideshowbarker reported the recent HTML5 stories, focusing on the template element.

Mobile webapps. The recent features to build attractive mobile web appwere developped by Tomomi from Nokia @girlie_mac. She covered all recent features and gave details about their implementations in the different mobile version browsers [slides]

Test the web. Earlier in the day, there was a Test The Web Forward event, a kind of great coding party where you test the web from top to bottom. It was a great opportunity here to have Tobie from Facebook and W3C fellow @tobie explaining us the main testing essence of the web [slides]

Security. I made a status on the web crypto API working group. Promoting how we could save the world (or at least support a better evoting user experience – with a bit of Paris and women power inside) [slides]

Design. Alan Stearns @alanstearns from Adobe made a fabulous CSS demo  [slides]

Gaming. Kazuho Oku @kazuho presented JSX allowing to improve performance for game coding [slides]

Panel. A panel ended the conference, trying to get from the participants how the japanese community could be present in the standardization of the web. Participants were Mike Smith from W3C @sideshowbarker, Fumi Yamazaki from google @Fumi, Richard Ishida from W3C Internationalization @r12a, Tomomi from Nokia @girlie_mac, Kensaku Komatsu from NTT Com and Shumpei Shiraishi from HTML5J @Shumpei. In a mixing of japanese and english – which was not a problem as there was a bi-language real time translation, they stated the following :

Community ? The Twitter community of this W3C dev Meetup can be explored with the Bluenod application, and it looks something like this


Party. And because we all worked hard, our host offered a nice cake after a great japanese buffet …

w3cdev_cakePicture by @gihyoreport