Sensitive to user experience on mobile ? Think about security !

User, user, user. All strategies for consumer services are user centric. Which is a good plan.. User centric design, usability, user convenience, easy user purchase. The key challenge is to differentiate from other service providers, to ward of the terrible disease of this century : customer churn. Keeping a customer is a big deal. Specially when this user is paying to get a service, which is – obviously – supposed to be exclusive, high quality, guaranteed…. When a company is delivering a high quality paid service to a kind consumer, it may insure that :

i) the user is the one he pretends to be – to make sure it can be billed, ii) the user did not – by accident or intentionally – copied his rights for someone else consumption, and iii) the user does not weaken the service because he runs the service in an uncontrolled environment – e.g. a cracked device, with non protected communication…

And this is where security can help.