W3C : TPAC week was also about fun and art

This post is the last one of a serie of 4 dedicated to the yearly W3C meeting. Previous ones were dealing with serious stuff such as W3C Advisory Board, the news in the tech area, and the particular topic of security in W3C.That one relates to the fun happening in W3C TPAC…

The ones who were there could not ignore that in addition to meet great and smart people, in addition to produce specification and work out on some resolutions, the mood in TPAC is about human and social interactions. Coffee breaks, special dinners and bar sessions are the place to be. All is provided to allow people to meet. And there were two remarkable activities during that TPAC week in Sapporo.


Werewolf game.

Werewolf is famous in W3C. It is most of the time orchestrated by Dom and Doug from W3C.The game is about guessing in an assembly of 20 people or more who are the werewolves killing simple villagers at night. Each player can be either a special character and get some special tips about werewolves identity. That game is happening in the evening, in one of the hotel where most TPACer were sleeping, and every night, you could see poeple joining the group at 21:30, jumping out from nowhere, to be here and have fun. That year, the new usage is that the werewolf game opened a twitter account (that I had fun managing during one night, at least).
During the night, the villagers sleep.

And in the morning, the players vote to decide who is a werewolf


The Haiku challenge.

That idea came from Maria Audey and David Rogers. The challenge was to make the TPACers writing an haiku (a 3 sentences poem, which constraint is that it has to be 5/7/5 syllables). Writers could either send the haiku anonymously or sign with their name. We received 35 haikus in less then 2 days. All are archived for ever on W3C servers, available here :

You can note the cross theme with werewolf game

Full moon

Doug, a simple villager,

when the moon is full,

smells of blood, bones and beard.

My favourite haiku was (by Ian) :

Ode to Scribes


I have been scribing so long

Zakim, close the queue

And the jury, composed of David, Maria and me voted for Yves one :


Web is where we live

TPAC is where we connect

Free Web for the world.

Again, that year TPAC was amazing, feeding people with tech, fun and art…