More women in W3C, and why not in W3C TAG ?

The W3C is a nice place to be. It warmly welcomes all web developers from all around the world and all companies involved in web planet and business. That is an interesting statement which is true in general. Nevertheless, this place still need to make effort in terms of diversity. International representation, small business representation, equal gender representation… The good news is that there is a coming election, which might be the right time to have minorities jumping in. The W3C Technical Architecture Group is renewing 5 seats out of 9 seats. This working group is made of participants, elected by W3C members. Its mission is to maintain the technical consistency of the open web platform. A nice mission, right ? That would fit to any good architect of the web, man or woman, I guess. How do elections work ? W3C TAG candidates are nominated by W3C members. Then among the nominated people, the W3C members will choose 5 of them.

The reason why I am advertising that election, is that I believe that more women should join the W3C TAG. Just like anyone should. But my voice here, is more to say “listen, girls, you may not realize it, but you may fit the job”.

So if you are working for a company being a W3C member, or not. And if you feel that your skills and experience will be valuable for better shaping the web. And if you would like to be part of a great team, at least, made of Daniel Appelquist (@torgo, from Telefónica), David Herman (@littlecalculist from Mozilla Foundation), Tim Berners Lee (@timberners_lee from W3C) and Peter Linss (@plinss from HP). Don’t think twice, contact your W3C representative to be nominated or look for people in you network that could nominate you. This W3C representative will have to answer the Call for Nomination here and will give you a chance to run for the W3C TAG election.

Few days left to run for that election. The deadline for being nominated  is 23:59, Boston time on 30 November 2014. Go girls !