[2/2] Main IT threats today – learning from Secutic Day in Marseille

Two weeks ago was held in Marseille the first edition of the Secutic Day PACA, a conference dediacted to IT managers focusing on protection of digital economy. A first post reported the legal aspects behind the risk of having weak security in IT systems, together with means for IT managers to understand and implement the primary security measures. This new post is detailing the views of the different invited experts on the recent threats that IT managers should face. Warning, this post includes all attractive buzz words, such as BYOD, cloud and social media …

Which environment are we trying to control ?

Thanks to the diversity of the speakers, different IT framework have been discussed, relying on different population and services :

  • Employees : big companies offering IT services to several hundreds of employees, a.k.a. corporate;
  • Citizen : government environment, where services are offered to citizen to pay tax or declare revenues, a.k.a e-government;
  • Machines : distributed industrial environment, where cars or vending machines are accessing central services, a.k.a M2M;
  • Mixing human : partnering environment, meaning environment such as Marseille Innovation [1], a place where start up are sharing a same physical space and IT systems, where new business models are designed, in a collaborative but protected environment. People are ready to share crazy ideas in front of the coffee machine, but do not want to disclose their business cases and make sure their innovations stay theirs. (more…)

[1/2] What IT Manager should know about security – learning from Secutic Day in Marseille

Last week was held in Marseille the first edition of Secutic Day PACA [1], a security conference, organized by Secutic. This one day event tagline was about securing the digital economy. While being a free and open to public event, it was mainly dedicated to IT managers interested to know more about security. The program gathered 24 great speakers who shared with the public the state of the art of security in various domain such as digital crime investigation, liability of IT managers, major today’s and tomorrow’s threats. Here is a sumup of the major ideas that some highly experienced people discussed.

About the legal risk for IT managers.

Some officials of the Gendarmerie Nationale together with Claude Leloustre, representing the Club de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information PACA (CLUSIR), reminded the legal aspects associated with the management of IT systems. Managing an IT network induces some liability. (more…)