W3C : rambling in W3C TPAC as a tech person

Being also a tech person, in the W3C TPAC week, I had the chance to visit different groups or brainstorming session and I am sharing here with you the result of me jumping from one room to another.

The Web Payment is a reality. The web payment activity is one of the most dynamic ones in W3C those months. The quest initiated here is to ease the access to payment means from a browser. Making sure that a one click button would allow a user to pay with means which is accepted by the merchants, available in the user context. The use case and priorities of the group have been discussed in the Web Payment Interest Group, but the more operational steps has happened in TPAC : the Web Payment WG kicked off. That Working Group will design an architecture and some APIs to make that payment feature in browser a reality. Let’s wish them success…

WebRTC is close to be closed. WebRTC is *suffering* from a large number of implementations (see is WebRTC ready yet ?) and the specification was late compared to market expectation. but the good news is that most of the technical problems have been answered. And the Web RTC group is now thinking about WebRTC Next Generation. The specification will go to CR soon (see for details by Dom on http://www.w3.org/2015/Talks/dhm-webrtc-ac/)

Sensor is progressing. Internet of things is something (buzz, trends, de facto, golden quest…), and it is also present in W3C. The sensor spec is about exposing to web apps sensor’s data. The spec is on its way, in the capable hands of (Intel Corporation) and Rick Waldron (jQuery Foundation). If you wanna have a look at that API, the spec is here https://w3c.github.io/sensors/ and some more context about it can be found in the discussions held during TPAC between the sensor team and the Web of Thing team reported here

What about blockchain in the web ? Some may get nervous that everyone is talking about blockchain. And even TPAC breakout sessions deal about it. During an interesting session, NTTDoCoMo exposed the rationale for letting blockchain used by web apps, for use cases such as tracking peer to peer rights transfer or signing legal documents… This long term work may land in W3C, some days…

I could not attend all the Working Groups meeting and Breakout sessions that were held during W3C TPAC, but if you wanna have a taste of what is discussed in W3C, have a look at this report, and read minutes, issues and participants…

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