What’s happening with the W3C Web Crypto API ?


Well. The specification is finished !

[here a cheering to Ryan Sleevi, Mark Watson, Harry Halpin, who actually led the editorial stuff during this 4 years work].

Where is it ? You can read the most recent version here. It is this version that will be submitted to the W3C Director (Tim Berners Lee), in order to make it a real W3C recommendation. Crossing fingers.

Is it real ? Yes. During the lifetime of the spec we got major browser makers contributing and monitoring, aka, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla. Thus it is implemented. See http://caniuse.com/#feat=cryptography

Where is the interoperability proof ? The test coverage can be found here.

So. What is the future ? Consider things are moving on, and the group will soon enter its maintenance mode. the next action, once the specification is a Recommendation will be to listen to the market and add any new algorithm that will be widely used.

Thanks ! That was a long and passionated work in W3C. Thanks to all members and individuals who contributed…



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