Starting a new innovation adventure? I said yes !


How long have I been wandering in the tech standard ecosystem ? 12 years ! Yeap, 12 years supporting the great ideas of advanced products, building with customers, competitors, partners some industrial solutions. Changing market or technology focus every year, to keep the interest up and learning things. In the telecom area, in the banking field, in the mobile planet and for the sake of the web. I have been proudly representing my company in ETSI, GSMA, SIMAlliance, GlobalPlatform, W3C, OWASP, FIDO Alliance. All those organizations may not sound familiar for you as they are mainly dedicated to B2B markets, or specific to the security industry, but this is where the actors of their respective fields do agree on common technology. Balancing their own interest, with power, smartness and being vision driven (well, …).

And ? This is the end of that series of travels all around the world. Where I could have Sake with some friends, hamburger with others, german beers in gardens, and special moments with those tribes. All having their strong characters, their dedicated supporters, their eternal detractors, their fantastic chairmen and chairwomen (less usual). I met hundreds of people, able to make distinction between conflicting business interest and friendship. Being able to change their mind, learn and share their good advices and experiences. Each tribe was a new continent that I had to discover, understand, and convince (and ended loving them). Leaving that (most of the time) friendly ambiance is a hard decision.

I was offered a great job. Managing the communication of gemalto technology innovation. Cross market, cross company, cross people. The kind of job that you cannot decline when, like me, you used to spend your energy in valuing each pieces of innovation or creative person you met. I said yes. And that ‘yes’ moment was a great one – that I am still appreciating. I am currently making up my mind, drafting strategy, listing all great things that position will allow me to do. Trying to make sure to infuse the spirit of making, sharing, valuing people, stays in the plan, like I used to in all my previous missions. More in few weeks !

Picture : Saint Malo diving, by Nicolas Doreau

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