That little voice in my head…

Standard is about building consensus, in long meetings. Spending few days of meeting, keeping concentrated on governance aspects, even with the most friendly folks is not always easy. To survive and share with the group good ideas and insights, I am working as a team with my little voice. And here are the things this little voice reminds me when things are getting boring, crazy, unexpected, too warm… Well, here are some crisis hints for marathon meetings.

Virginie, do not to get nervous when you suspect bad faith around, do not to get nervous…

Hey, honey. Make your points, one by one, taking time (you deserve the time you use).

I authorize you multi-tasking, when you can afford, it also releases tension when the conversation is getting warm or turning in circle and there is nothing you can do about it…

Relax. Listen with no intention at all to answer, you will make your point tomorrow.

Ask this simple question, go, ask it ! Go! Raise hands !

Rule number one. Express your perspectives, your general goal, to allow other to understand where you wanna go (I came in peace) …

Pffff. Don’t know what to say ? Try ‘That is an interesting feedback’…

Virginie ? Did you read the fucking manual (aka, the material supporting discussion, mail, communication related to it, controversial content, …)

Come on ! You will not win that decision in one shot, take your time, this meeting is not the only one.

Be polite. Thank you, mister or miss, for supporting my ideas.

Pssst, state the problems, even if you dont have the solution, some one else may…

Thanks to that voice, so helpful not to loose myself. It deserved a blog post…

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