How I became digital !

This will be a Friday confession. I have been entering the digital world two years ago. Yes only two years ago. I mean, I started working with internet in 1994 when studying at the university, sharing with other researchers, flirting with my boyfriend via talk and mails, but I have been exploiting the digital innovation and social media intensively since 2 years. And I must say it changed my life – and probably the one of my relatives.What is it that is so attractive to make me jumping and staying in this area ?

Data and tools

Why am I on the net ? Because I am trying to understand where our world is going, what are the evolutions the human being is currently living and how it is surviving to it. Great program, is not it ? And if you wanna get that information, you may have interest to be someone in the digital arena, be someone to join communities, have the information coming to you or be able to build a common understanding with others. And tools are there. I should say user friendly, free and easy to manage applications are available here and around. How to create your digital identity, how to understand the other one’s, how to record or track data, how to curate information. All is here, one click far from you. And even if I have a bias view due to the security environment I have the default to work for, I am able to have a digital life using those tools, taking care of my own privacy and security. I am concentrating myself on Twitter, blog with WordPress, LinkedIn, and playing with and Klout – still trying to find what does those bring to me. But lets be frank, this is not tools that pushed me to stay digital. The others did.

The others

The others already on the net. And their great experiences. The ‘digital presents’ are a bunch of privileged people who know how to manage it. They are open, nice, sharing and creative persons. Well, the ones I care about. I do not ignore here that digital is also a marketing area, with its sales and brand professionals. Practicing the digital sport on a regular basis, will help you to see exactly what and who is behind an avatar – just like in real life. Cause on the internet, you have at least two of the major senses : you can watch and you can listen, and this is enough to detect who is behind a name and an account from a human perspective, with enough accuracy – well enough accuracy if your business and life do not depend on it. Tasting, smelling, touching sensors are missing to have a complete experience, but i) those are not the first sensors I am using when meeting people in the street and ii) IBM announced it may change [0]. There is also a new skill that will definitely help you to scrutinize this world : this is your mashup and cross-checking sixth sense that can lead you to reverse engineering what the others are trying to achieve from the internet, from you…

Me, myself and I

So what is the impact on me, myself and I since I am part of the big digital party ? In addition to accept to share information about me, to have to think about the image people may grab from my footprint on the net, I am also standardized. I mean, I can be analyzed, scrutinized and coded. W3C issued recently a document allowing to express in XLM the different emotions which are going through me when using a service: Emotion Mark Up Language [1]. This allows any application developer to create its own category of emotion and associate confidence to it. And this flexible coding may be interesting. Cause new emotions are arriving. In addition to have new social attitudes mentioned previously, I have discovered new emotions that me and my laptop are experiencing : expecting from the wire something, being exhausted by info-obesity, getting emotional against people I would not care in physical life, caring (too) much about connectivity availability. Interesting area to be explored, is not it ?

Having said that, in the end, I stay a non-digital person. I can not stop that special natural move : when I am meeting a digital person, or improving my digital knowledge, I definitely need to do something with it – and not only retweeting it. This is where I am today, but lets talk about that in 2 years from now.

[0] IBM study about next digital challenges

[1] Emotional Mark Up Language :

[2] Five emotions invented by Internet :

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