[super-self-centric] Figures of one blogging year !

After one year of blogging, exactly today, here are some figures to illustrate the activity of this blog, mixing techno, words and society. Figures show it is still craft around, but that perfectly suits my ambition !

Production : 60 posts (half litterature or culture related tagged ‘art’, half techno related).

Visits : 4 000 views from 70 different countries (top 5 being, France, US, Germany, UK, Japan, see worlwide density map below).

Vistors access : 2/3 of visits via direct access (syndication, bookmarks), 1/4 of visits via Twitter, 1/10 via searches engine, 1/20 via links or references from other web sites.

Top7 posts : definitely related to techno and conference reports

Author mood : Still ready to feed that blog.

Any suggestion to make you loving it, even more ?

ImageImage – Where do poulpita readers live ?

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