Another W3C Advisory Board mandate ? yes, sure !


Here we are. After 2 years enjoying W3C Advisory Board discussions, it is now time to renew or not my seat. And I have decided to follow up on that experience. Dealing with such fantastic topics as W3C governance, priority and conflict resolution was a super experience. I enjoyed sharing with other team members, suggesting directions and finding what would be best for members and the open web platform. And I think we did well with the AB members in the last years…

The ballot is open, there are 6 candidates, for 5 seats. And votes are made by each of the 410 members of W3. The other candidates for that election are Tantek Çelik (Mozilla), Daniel Glazman (Disruptive Innovations), Jay  Kishigami (NTT), David Singer (Apple), Léonie Watson (The Paciello Group). Nominations can be read here

Oh ! And if you support my presence in the W3C Advisory Board, don’t hesitate to tell your W3C representative !




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