Middle Life Crisis Toolbox – fatigue, joy and paradox


Some of you may have been following my new style of writing posts about the why, the what, and the nothing of life. I am spending some reasonnable time reading and looking after some material to discover who I am (and who you are, too). I thought that sharing with you some of those amazing text or video, may help some of you, in their existential crisis…

Here are some good pieces. All of them brought a new look, a new way to read my life.

For the ones believing that they are worth nothing. I love the self-kindness of this text. It is about ‘I am enough’. Maybe it is too much, too naive, too positive, but it shows a path. This is to convince you that you are someone, that you are doing a good job at managing your life (aka, as you can), and that you should stop blaming you. Seriously. Self Love: I am Enough. And also, You are Enough.

For the ones being tired and that still believe they can judge a situation. This one is demonstrating that while we are in some difficult moment of life, our analysis is getting wrong, driven by some distorsion filters. Knowing it, allows us to take the  best (or less worst) moment to think or answer. “Why you should not trust your feeling”

For the ones who are looking for little pieces of joy everyday. Here is a good toolbox to take care of yourself, and actualy fight against the dream of the happiness coming one day, in a spatialship, independantly from you. This is about having a routine that extracts you from the run we all do everyday and allows you to enjoy simple moment. Google’s former happiness guru developed a three-second brain exercise for finding joy

For the ones who struggle everyday with the paradoxes. That text is explaining that looking for harmony and balance is a lost quest. Our world is made of thing and their opposite, and one can not always enjoy the one side of the world. That is part of the big learning pieces, to me. The Power of perception, and Critical Imagination.

For the ones who feel they are rejected and are suffering. This text explains how being rejected hurts like being physically hurted. It exposes why and how to try to prevent this suffering. Why rejection hurt so much

I hope you liked it, and even better, that those links helped you, in a way or in another. 

Note : Picture Saul Leiter, Red Umbrella, ca. 1958 © Saul Leiter


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