Four years of blogging, so what ?



It has been 4 years since I started this blog, 4 years of regular contribution here. What happened during that time ?


184 blog post, traffic doubled each year, to reach 35 000 views in total, and I make no money out of it (on purpose).


While still being attracted by techno stuff such as security, governance and influence with W3C and other SDOs stories, conference report and painting/writing/art poems, I created a new type of blog post. Few things that I learned from my experience of a techno-working-woman. This explains why you may read from me posts related to woman at work (kill your culture, be a man, promote your successgo networking), but also some non-gender thoughts (the very story of a no, thank to my witches). My content is still under creative common, with no guidance from my employer (thanks for such a freedom).

So what ?

Each blog post is an opportunity to discuss with myself and with others. Incredible how much you learn by discussing with yourself, you should try it. So discussing, sharing, re-discussing, and doing it again, with friends, colleagues, strangers and curious. Well. Amazing experience. So what ? So thanks to all my readers, all the people who shared with me their complementary, opposite but valuable views. I’ll keep on writing, loving that too much…

Note : picture from where I noticed that 4 is the perfect number…

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